5 Marketing Tips For Small Businesses That Cost 0.00 GHC

You know you don’t need a huge budget to market your small business. Normally, small business owners are likely not to have a budget.

Sprint Marketing Africa urges you to try these marketing tips for small businesses that cost 0.00 GHC. All you need is time to learn how to perfect them and maintain them.

Marketing Tips For Small Business

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Marketing Tips For Small Business


Every small business should strive to get a website. We cannot state how important that is for your business.

Your website needs to be in top shape with SEO and it should be mobile friendly. You don’t have to be an expert in SEO to do this.

If your website was built with WordPress, all you need is to install Yoast SEO Plugin for free and it directs you as to what to do.

SEO helps with creating a sitemap automatically for you and optimizes your meta title format.

Don’t let the jargons scare or bore you.


If your small business isn’t on social media yet, the time is now. Having a Facebook page is very essential to your business.

You can decide to add Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or SnapChat later depending on your target demographics.

Marketing tips for small business

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A home wiring company has no business on SnapChat but an e-commerce clothing dealer will get a lot of traction there.

Why am I saying this? Because SnapChat users are between the ages of 18 to 30, and about 98% of them aren’t home owners, so pushing your home wiring content there wouldn’t be worth it.

Verstehst du? Simply means do you understand in German.


Your business being on a local SEO listing and review site is helpful in putting the correct information and details about your business online.

If you don’t claim your listing, most often the information needed are auto generated. Once you claim your listing you input the right details, add photos and videos and respond to reviews.

Examples of local listing sites are Google My Business and Yelp. Trip Advisor is you’re a hotel or tourist based business.

Ask your existing customers to leave reviews under your business. More reviews means more and better visibility in review site search results. ( Mind you this isn’t a sure guarantee though).


You can start with one post a month and scale up to bi-weekly or weekly depending on how you want it.

Blogging about your business gives your more exposure via organic search engine results. It also establishes you as an industry thought leader.

You can ask your employees (if you have some) to take turns in writing about the business. This gives your blog posts different perspectives and gives it more depth.


Sticking together or collaboration is one of the best thing small businesses can do. If your business offers a specific niche, look for other related businesses you can partner with.

Example; A make up artist partners with a wedding planner and a photographer. You all can refer and recommend clients amongst each other.

So a wedding planner gets a wedding gig and recommends to the couples the make up artist and the photographer. Boom, new business, new clientele.

Building relationships is the best way to build a referral, and this is based with familiarity and trust.

Marketing Tips For Small Business

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Marketing Tips For Small Business

Making use of these marketing tips for small businesses that cost 0.00 GHC will surely have an impact on your business.

Don’t take on more than you can handle. You can delegate duties to your employees.

Schedule times to complete each task and very soon you’ll see that you’ll have a very well organized marketing strategy that didn’t take much to start.

What other marketing tips for small business do you know?

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